Real Estate Photos

$125 per Home
25+ High Quality Photos (High Resolution & Web/MLS Versions)
Properties up to 2000sqft (+$25/per 500sqft extra)
24-Hr Turn-Around
+$25 for Aerial Photo(s)

Video Services (All Events)

$200 per Hour
1080p High Definition Video
Continuous Recording or Clips
Basic Editing (Music | Transitions | Text)
Web Links Provided (+$10 for USB with all files)

Drone Services

$100 per Flight
Photo or Video
1080p/4k HD Footage (edited)
1 Flight = 10-15 minutes of footage
Web Links Provided (+$10 for USB with all files)

*Note, ALL pricing is based on local travel within Manatee & Sarasota counties.

Thank You for your interest in my Photography and Videography services.  For all questions or inquiries please call or go to the Contact Me page and fill out the form.